mental health support
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We empower people and their organizations to measure, understand and improve their mental health.

From preventing mental illness, to building resilience to tackle challenges in life and at work.

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Insights & Actions

Proactive measures for sustainable work

With Ablemind, what gets measured gets done. We provide your employees with proven and clinically validated actions to improve their mental health and build long term resilience and wellbeing.

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Medical grade technology improving employee health

Our clinically validated assessment tool (patent pending) is used in Swedish healthcare to identify and treat mental illness. The method is based on the gold standard in diagnosing and treating mental illness, LEAD, and has been developed from extensive research at Lund University.

How it works

Your mental health is best described
in your own words.

Ablemind analyses individual descriptions of a persons' mental health.
We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to automatically identify mental health issues and provide recommended actions.

A medical grade employee health assessment

Employees describe their health by responding to a set of specifically designed questions. With recurring assessments they will be able to track changes in their health and follow the effects of actions and lifestyle changes.

Individualized actions for improving health

Based on a clinically validated analysis, our tool suggests the right actions to restrain and prevent detected illness and to improve mental health and wellbeing - short and long term.

Aggregated data and insights to the employer

With anonymized, aggregated data, the employer gets the overview and insight needed to make the right decisions on how to improve organizational health.

Recommendations on organizational level

Our tailored recommendations puts the right tools in the hands of HR and leaders in the organization to provide support and a sustainable workplace.

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A healthy investment

Statistically, 1 in 5 employees are suffering from mental illness according to WHO.

Detected early, mental illness can be treated and prevented effectively, reducing suffering for the individual while also saving unnecessary cost for the employer.
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Individual assessments
Clinically validated  actions
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Aggregated data & insights
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Individual assessments
Clinically validated
individualized actions
Unlimited assessments to detect and track changes
Aggregated data & insights
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How do you deal with data security and integrity?

We go beyond GDPR compliance. As a medical technology company we live by the standards in the healthcare industry.

The employees individual data is not accessible to either the employer or us, without their explicit and active consent. Administrators and managers in your organization gets access to aggregated results and Ablemind works with pseudonymized data.

How does the AI work?

The artificial intelligence developed and used by Ablemind is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning - to analyze written input and match to diagnostic criteria. Clinical studies have proven unprecedented accuracy in comparison to existing clinical tools and methods. For more in-depth information, please see our Research Whitepaper.

We follow the principles for AI ethics developed by Alan Turing Institute.

How do you fit with our existing provider of Occupational Healthcare?

Occupational Healthcare providers are lacking tools to identify and prevent mental illness. With Ablemind you give your current provider powers to support your employees even better, while also reducing the pressure on your provider by detecting and preventing illness at an early stage.

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