Medical Technology built on extensive academic research

A decade of research with over 10 000 participants forms the foundation for the computational models we use to clinically assess mental health.

To reduce mental illness, worldwide

There is effective treatment for those who suffer from mental illness, but there is a lack of tools to understand who needs it and whether the treatment is effective.

We make mental health measurable and understandable, for people, healthcare providers and for society at large.

Tomas de Souza, CEO Katarina Kjell, Chief Psychologist

Foto: Asaf Kliger

Researchers, psychologists, AI specialists and product developers

Ablemind's team consists of a number of specialists, who jointly develop the medical technology of the future.

We conduct continuous research in close collaboration with Lund University and research teams in Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA.

From research to practice

Ablemind was founded by the research group Katarina Kjell, Sverker Sikström and Oscar Kjell in Lund, Sweden in September 2019, with the aim of strengthening care for mental illness.

The shared ambition was to develop technology that helps healthcare providers in the important diagnostic process and the follow-up of mental health care.

In the spring of 2020, the business shifted gears and took in its first  external funding. Today, the company has a number of leading investors, extensive grants for research and establishment and has been nominated and awarded on several occasions.

The company's first medical technology product, the Patient Report, is aimed at healthcare providers for effective diagnosis and systematic follow-up of treatment of mental illness.

In 2022, Way was launched, a tool to create sustainable workplaces where employees can understand and improve their mental health. In Sweden, mental illness accounts for 48% of all sick leave.

Every third woman and every fourth man suffer from depression at some point in their lives. With long care queues and difficulties in meeting the care guarantee, it is urgent to seek new solutions to meet and help more people.

Today, Ablemind's goal is to contribute to significantly fewer people suffering from mental illness. We do this by strengthening care with clinical intelligence from structured, qualitative data and by contributing measurability and understanding of one's own health to individuals and their organizations.

Awards & Grants
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