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mental health support
for outstanding employers

Proactive measurements for your organization.
Tailored recommendations for every employee.
Developed from research at Lund University.

Clinical expertise and scientific methods in the hands of you and your employees.

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A proactive tool for sustainable work

We pick up where the employee survey ends.

We provide your employees with proven and clinically validated measurements to improve their mental health and build long-term resilience and wellbeing.

Clinical precision for your organization

Our clinically validated assessment method (patent pending) has been developed for healthcare, to identify and treat mental illness.

For employers taking health seriously

Whatever the reason, mental health affects our work and our colleagues.

A growing number of employers are choosing to invest in mental health, for preventive purposes and to strengthen attractiveness and productivity.

With the right tools, work becomes easier. So does mental health.

A tool for employers of the future

Mental illness detected early is easier to treat and prevent. Our work environment is one of the most important factors to prevent and come out of mental health issues.

Ablemind develops digital medical devices to diagnose and treat mental illness in healthcare. We have now taken our established method and developed a tool for you and your employees.

Our method is based on research from Lund University and is based on data from over 10,000 people. In the position, the employee has to answer a number of questions. Using AI technology, we analyze the answers and show the results with regard to depression, anxiety, stress, harmony and well-being.

Based on the results, the employee is presented with recommendations on what they can do to improve their mental health. By aggregating data and results, we can give you as a leader and employer tailored recommendations on how you can prevent illness and create a sustainable work environment where employees can thrive.

Katarina Kjell
Clinical Psychologist and co-founder
How does it work?

Mental Health is best described in your words

In your own words, describe your experiences and feelings from the last few months.
Way analyzes your answers using AI and captures relevant words and wordings.
Based on a clinical analysis, Way produces a result that helps you understand your mental health.
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