Grundat på forskning vid Lunds universitet

Mer än tio års forskning och data från över 10 000 forskningsdeltagare utgör grunden för de matematiska modeller som används för kliniska assessment av psykisk hälsa.

Ongoing Research

  • Assessing Depression and Anxiety Using AI According to Longitudinal Expert All Data (LEAD).
  • Developing a framework with a multinational, interdisciplinary research team for how to best carry out and report a LEAD research study.
  • Identification of Depression by AI based on Word Responses Agree More with Structured M.I.N.I. Interviews by an Experienced Psychologist than Rating Scales.
  • Word Responses Reduce Incorrect Mental Health Diagnosis by Half Compared to Rating Scales Alone.
  • Multi-Language Models: Identifying Depression and Anxiety from Responses in English, Arabic and Swedish.
  • Precise Language Responses versus Easy Rating Scales – Comparing Clinicians’ and Respondents’ Views.

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