Founded on research from Lund University

A decade of research with over 10 000 participants forms the foundation for the computational models we use to clinically assess mental health.

Ongoing Research

  • Assessing Depression and Anxiety Using AI According to Longitudinal Expert All Data (LEAD).
  • Developing a framework with a multinational, interdisciplinary research team for how to best carry out and report a LEAD research study.
  • Identification of Depression by AI based on Word Responses Agree More with Structured M.I.N.I. Interviews by an Experienced Psychologist than Rating Scales.
  • Word Responses Reduce Incorrect Mental Health Diagnosis by Half Compared to Rating Scales Alone.
  • Multi-Language Models: Identifying Depression and Anxiety from Responses in English, Arabic and Swedish.
  • Precise Language Responses versus Easy Rating Scales – Comparing Clinicians’ and Respondents’ Views.

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